Add colors to the grey-white mountains by Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers as the name suggests is a dreamy walk into the flowery world of the
Himalayas. It is the only trek that is renowned not for snow or rocky mountains but for
colorful, vibrant, lively flowers. One of the easy treks that offer panoramic views of
widespread blossom. Although the trek is open only after summer season when the
rainy season incepts it is a favorite trek. July to September is considered the best time
when the flowers are fully flourished. Yet, just as the specialty of every Himalayan trek,
this trail too offers snow-capped mountains, freezing cold rivers, dense forests, and
silent lake views.

Joshimath directs the way to this majestic valley. A bus ride from Joshimath to Govind
ghat is 22 km long and Alaknanda river flows throughout the path. The route is along
Badrinath highway which has lots of twists and turns with wonderful sets of villages
along the road. Govind Ghat is a pilgrim spot filled with religious people.

Henceforth the trek begins, one can choose a porter or a mule ride to Ghangaria.
Ghangaria is the base camp of both Hemkund Sahib and Valley of flowers trek.
Hemkund Sahib is the highest gurdwara situated at 4,392 meters. The route to this
mystic gurudwara has a steep ascent and it takes around 4-5 hours to reach there.
Adjoining the gurudwara is also a Lakshman temple and mirror-like lake, Hemkund. The
lake is perfectly placed between the seven snow-clad mountains such that it magnifies
the beauty around it. Melting glaciers of Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi peaks feed this lake.
It is believed that Guru Govind Singh used to meditate beside the lake. The first pleasing
flower that you will strike en route is Brahma Kamal.

The valley of abundant flowers is only 5 km from Ghangaria. Despite that, one should
wait until sunrise to step into the wonderland. Blue Poppy, Snake Foil, White Leaf Hog
Foot, Himalayan Rose, Meadow Geranium, Dog Flower, Hooked Stick Seed are the
native flowers. Morning 7 to 2 in the noon is the prime time to capture these exotic
flowers. If you want to explore more you can walk inside the valley. You can find river
Chandravati flowing through the valley.

Valley of Flowers being an easy trek is suitable for all ages. Whether you believe in God
or adventure, this valley will surely load colorful memories of the Himalayas. You will
cherish these memories for the lifetime!

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