Go on an all arounder Brahmatal trek

Brahmatal Trek quite popular as a winter season trek is truly blessing in disguise for trekkers
looking for adventure opportunities. This trek is open from October till March end as it is the best
time to witness true essence of winter and summer Himalayas. The trails that offer vibrancy in
summer offer subtle peace in winter.

On the first day itself, the ride from Kathgodam to Lohagunj is the ride of exploration. You will be
traveling beside rivers Kosi and Pindar. Followed by them the most renowned hill stations
Bheemtal, Kausani, and Almora will slowly reveal themselves. Towards the end of the journey,
you will get first sights of Nanda Ghunti peak. You will get a feeling that this is just the
beginning, more is about to come.

With the same excitement as you begin the trek, you will be under the shelter of calm Oak
forests filled with red rhododendrons. It will be a divine sight when rivers Kali and Pindari
confluence in the Kali valley. The entire trek is route will be in your mind even after you reach
Bekaltal campsite near Khopdaliya. There is a vast meadow at 11,500 feet known as Telandi,
which becomes a wonderland of a snowfield in winter. After a walk through this wonderland, you
will be welcomed by the soothing Brahmatal lake. Just 500 meters away from it you will be
camping with its vibrancy right in front of your eyes.

The last camping site is Tilbudi which marks an end to the all-rounder Brahmatel trek. Before
reaching this camp, you will start at Brahmatal lake. This path is long and tiring. But as they say,
nothing comes easy, after the exhausting trek you will be rejuvenated by Trishul and Nanda
Ghunti peaks, cheering for your achievement. This point will be like a theatre presenting 3D
views of big mountains like Mandi, Mana, Nilgiri, Trishul, Maitoli, Haukhambha, Neelkanth.

Brahmatal Trek is a trek whose route is covered under forests for the maximum time, preventing
chances of high altitude sickness. The trek route is lively in post-rainy and summer season. The
same path gets carpeted by dove-white snow enhancing the difficulty of the trek, also bringing
the glistering ice-capped peaks to our reach. Therefore, the winter period is gaining popularity
being called as Winter Brahmatal Trek.

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